07 March 2005

python extension using pyrex for itl

I had create a python extension for itl/prayertime.

If interested:
1) extract solat.tar.bz2 to itl/libs/prayertime/src
2) run 'make pysolat'. If got error:
Cannot assign type 'double (*)' to 'int (*)
just 'make pysolat' again.
3) to test, run 'python test.py'

- pyrex (tested using pyrex-0.9)
- itl libs (tested using lib-0.6.3)
successfully run on my FreeBSD-5.3, python-2.4

The stupid geocities not allow me to upload solat.tar.bz2. So the trick is rename solat.tar.bz2 to solat_tar_bz2.zip then upload.

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