08 March 2005

Cannot startx

I cannot startx !
The message ask me to remove the /tmp/.X0-lock.
Then when try 'rm -vf /tmp/.X0-lock', a message say 'Bad file descriptor' appear and the file cannot be deleted.
When, I run 'fsck', a message like 'unlink ... /tmp/.X0-lock ... REMOVE? no' display.
I guess something wrong with the filesystem/harddisk since last night I saw a message in terminal 'ad0 write error..' message. My FreeBSD don't like my new Western Digital harddisk.
The solution: reboot in single user mode, then run 'fsck -y'. Now the /tmp/.X0-lock is removed. Exit single user mode, then I can startx now.

Harddisk problem?
You can use badblocks to search for device for bad blocks. (I not found yet badblocks in my FreeBSD, 'Command not found').
Use fsck to file system consistency check and interactive repair.
Still got problem, then better read this mail for solution :).

To monitor harddisk use smartctl. This article give good explanation to monitor hard disk with SMART. (Thanks to Han). In FreeBSD it is in /usr/ports/sysutils/smartmantools.
Got this error
Smartctl open device: /dev/ad0 failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device
when '> smartctl -a /dev/ad0' ? That's mean, you need to be superuser to run this application.
View here for my 'smartctl -a /dev/ad0'.

Cannot login to flyspray.
I cannot login to flyspray in IE (Internet Explorer 6). The address is something like http://helmi_ibrahim.com.my/flyspray. The solution is get ip address for this address (hint: ifconfig) for e.g. then now you can login. Why? The IE assume address with underscore '_' as security risk, so not allow flyspray to set cookies.
A quote for today "the antivirus program give more hassle than the virus".

Malaysian Bloggers, MYOSS.
Python development in Eclipse.

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Umarzuki said...

Got problem too with starting x but it seemed that it got me to xterm. Any workaround like changing the driver to vesa or something. Alredt googled for an hour or so, can't find anything. Hope you'll be able to help.