31 August 2007

use onmousedown instead of onclick

Joseph Smarr give great talk about javascript performance, recommend to watch it. I'm not big fan of optimization, but in web application, load time (performance) matter. It interesting he claim that better performance when using onmousedown instead of onclick. And combine to setTimeout trick, setTimeout(func, 0), I can feel the difference in his demo. He also mention some other tips to improve javascript performance, so, watch it :-)

Hey, A Pattern Library for Interaction Design -- they update their website contents

03 August 2007

vim: Don't use escape key!

Esc is exactly equivalent to control-[ 
(that's the control key plus the left square bracket key)
For quite long time I hit Ctrl+c instead of Esc (mentioned in http://helmi-blebe.blogspot.com/2007/07/autodesk-mapguide-jakarta.html ), until vim7. Ctrl+c in vim7 don't behave Esc when indent lines of code using visual mode blockwise (:h blockwise). Also Ctrl+o in insert mode will switch to normal mode for one command only and automatically switch back.

Heh, learn 2 new tricks in vim today and still learning.

Somehow, the toolbar that supposed to assist compose this blog (in www.blogger.com) don't want to appear in my browser. Anyway, I compose in gmail instead.