03 August 2007

vim: Don't use escape key!

Esc is exactly equivalent to control-[ 
(that's the control key plus the left square bracket key)
For quite long time I hit Ctrl+c instead of Esc (mentioned in http://helmi-blebe.blogspot.com/2007/07/autodesk-mapguide-jakarta.html ), until vim7. Ctrl+c in vim7 don't behave Esc when indent lines of code using visual mode blockwise (:h blockwise). Also Ctrl+o in insert mode will switch to normal mode for one command only and automatically switch back.

Heh, learn 2 new tricks in vim today and still learning.

Somehow, the toolbar that supposed to assist compose this blog (in www.blogger.com) don't want to appear in my browser. Anyway, I compose in gmail instead.



Sey said...

Actually, pressing Esc is faster and less effort -- pressing 1 button instead of 2 buttons. :-)

Anonymous said...

"Actually, pressing Esc is faster and less effort"

Only if you have a very very very very very large palm.