29 July 2005

Can't access howtos Ruby on Rails

Today I got a message after try access Rails Howtos:

Bad Gateway

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.

Rails, ajax

looking for a simple straightforward explanation of Ruby, Rails and AJAX!.

Nice introduction for ajax on rails.

19 July 2005

firefox 1.0.5, opera 8, compile java jdk14

Upgraded firefox from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5. But not so smooth transition. I can't save my preferences. Every time I start firefox, I need to enable Security (so I can login to my gmail), enable javascript. Damn it. I hope freebsd maintainer notice this (I emailed them just now).

Wow, opera 8 is COOL (that was my first impression). But not programmer friendly. Some of my javascript doesn't work in opera :(. Javascript SUCK!

Last night, I tried to compile java in my FreeBSD-5.4 box. I need to get patches and enter Java download center several time before compile. And the result, I can't run the java since complain about 'elf linux compatibality' (sorry java was removed before write this). One more thing, my box hang when compile java.

16 July 2005

GeekBlock, Django

I need to handle a quite `big` software project this couple of week. Bugs, incomplete features, change of request keep forcing me and put me under pressure.

My mind always say to "go to ground - run and hide!", "quit this job, I will have brighter future in electrical engineering field instead of software engineering!", "other developers hate this project, what the heck you still doing this?". But this do not solve anything. Anyway, today I feel a bit better after read an article about "How to Overcome GeekBlock".

New Python web framework, Django is out, and make Rails developers speak out. Getting started with Django.