29 November 2008

Vim smart syntax highlighting

Smart because it syntax highlighting sql in php heredoc. gedit and nano don't support this. I don't know about other editor.
I used font size 16 all the time, big font eh ;-)

24 November 2008

Disable scrollkeeper on Ubuntu

"proses ini hampir memakan 90% cpu dan memory, dan seringkali menyebabkan sistem menjadi hang" -- happen to me today and not at right time.

To disable:

sudo mv /usr/bin/scrollkeeper-update /usr/bin/scrollkeeper-update.real
sudo ln -s /bin/true /usr/bin/scrollkeeper-update
sudo find /var/lib/scrollkeeper/ -name \*.xml -type f -exec rm -f '{}' \;
sudo dpkg-divert --local --divert /usr/bin/scrollkeeper-update.real --add /usr/bin/scrollkeeper-update

* http://blog.its.ac.id/kholis/2008/11/01/scrollkeeper-di-ubuntu/
* http://mapopa.blogspot.com/2008/09/disable-scrollkeeper-on-ubuntu-is-good.html