28 September 2005

Transfer mp3 from Knoppix to series 60 phone

I'm using Knoppix-4.0.2 to transfer mp3 files to series 60 phone (Nokia 3230).

Connect the bluetooth adapter to pc. Double check by dmesg:

Bluetooth: Core ver 2.7
NET: Registered protocol family 31
Bluetooth: HCI device and connection manager initialized
Bluetooth: HCI socket layer initialized
Bluetooth: HCI USB driver ver 2.8
usbcore: registered new driver hci_usb

Open K Menu > KNOPPIX > Network/Internet > dev/modem connection setup.
Choose bluetooth, then click button OK.
From Konqueror, right click any files that want to transfer into the phone and choose Actions > Send with Bluetooth ...
A new window, Bluetooth OBEX will be show. Choose the correct device and click button Send.

I want try transfer data using my FreeBSD box, but quite scary when read bluetooth chapter in FreeBSD Handbook.

27 September 2005

Playing with Python for Series 60

Playing with Python for Series 60 on my new nokia 3230. Run simple script

import appuifw
appuifw.app.title = u"Hello K and R"
appuifw.note(u"Hello Kernighan and Ritchie!", 'info')

It come with Interactive console, COOL!

22 September 2005

Enable CD-RW in FreeBSD

Execute browser and open file:///usr/share/doc/handbook/creating-cds.html.

After customize my FreeBSD kernel, I can't write to my CD-RW, what happen? I need to recompile my kernel with these extra lines in config file:
device atapicam
device scbus
device cd
device pass
Argh... this second time I'm pulling my hair finding why my OS don't like CD-RW.

02 September 2005

01 September 2005

Favorite firefox extensions

A list of my favorite firefox extensions:
  1. miniT (drag+indicator)
  2. Web Developer
  3. Live HTTP Headers
  4. CustomizeGoogle
  5. Statusbar Clock
  6. fireFTP
  7. Zhluk.com DevBoi
At last, someone make documentation for prototype :). I updated my ajax application using prototype+php (last time using sajax). NOTE: prototype is NOT ONLY for ajax. Still looking free web hosting that support php (my helmi03.broadphase.com was eliminated ::SAD::)

I'm so HAPPY today because, at last able to run Nevow (from subversion) examples. Just make sure the example import module nevow from svn instead of in python default path. Currently just hack it, i.e. pkg_deinstall py24-nevow-0.4.1 and run #PYHONPATH=~/project/Nevow-svn twistd -noy examples.tac. The example source code much cleaner than 0.4.1. Only tight integration to twisted make me SICK. Asynchronous programming is hard to DEBUG (based on experience programming ajax)!