01 September 2005

Favorite firefox extensions

A list of my favorite firefox extensions:
  1. miniT (drag+indicator)
  2. Web Developer
  3. Live HTTP Headers
  4. CustomizeGoogle
  5. Statusbar Clock
  6. fireFTP
  7. Zhluk.com DevBoi
At last, someone make documentation for prototype :). I updated my ajax application using prototype+php (last time using sajax). NOTE: prototype is NOT ONLY for ajax. Still looking free web hosting that support php (my helmi03.broadphase.com was eliminated ::SAD::)

I'm so HAPPY today because, at last able to run Nevow (from subversion) examples. Just make sure the example import module nevow from svn instead of in python default path. Currently just hack it, i.e. pkg_deinstall py24-nevow-0.4.1 and run #PYHONPATH=~/project/Nevow-svn twistd -noy examples.tac. The example source code much cleaner than 0.4.1. Only tight integration to twisted make me SICK. Asynchronous programming is hard to DEBUG (based on experience programming ajax)!

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