19 July 2005

firefox 1.0.5, opera 8, compile java jdk14

Upgraded firefox from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5. But not so smooth transition. I can't save my preferences. Every time I start firefox, I need to enable Security (so I can login to my gmail), enable javascript. Damn it. I hope freebsd maintainer notice this (I emailed them just now).

Wow, opera 8 is COOL (that was my first impression). But not programmer friendly. Some of my javascript doesn't work in opera :(. Javascript SUCK!

Last night, I tried to compile java in my FreeBSD-5.4 box. I need to get patches and enter Java download center several time before compile. And the result, I can't run the java since complain about 'elf linux compatibality' (sorry java was removed before write this). One more thing, my box hang when compile java.
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