10 March 2005

How to run Plone?

Googling doesn't much help. How to run Plone in my FreeBSD box? This guide do not explain much about installation Plone in FreeBSD. I had once install Plone in my Windows box (it's easy, just click button 'next' then 'next', 'next', ...). But to run this service in my FreeBSD box give me headache. Usually when I try new software, I start with Read The Fine Manual. But there is 'No manual entry' for plone and zope, though.

Actually there is INSTALL.txt in /usr/local/www/Zope/doc. Create zope.conf (I put it at /usr/home/helmi/project/zope/etc) and add this 2 lines:
products /home/helmi/project/zope/Products
products /usr/local/www/Zope/Products


Paul Thach said...

Thanks your, that helped me more then you know.


Slaveriq said...

Did you get it up running?
culd you please post a how to then?

Palm Cove said...

I did get it running.

I been a while, and I have moved on to Google app engine. Here are some issues I remembered.
* I had some issue running it with python25, so I had to run it it with python24. I believe it is because I did not have all libraries setup for 2.5
* I had to be root or use 'sudo' to start the instance

Slaveriq said...

my installation was very slow and unstable nad yea i had to proxypass it with apache that worked not very well -.-