15 May 2008

Connect winxp lappy to kubuntu using samba

I want transfer files from my lappy to my kubuntu desktop FAST. I managed make my lappy talk to kubuntu via ssh (winscp), but not fast enough. Yeah, I know it caused by encrypt, bla bla ... I'm the only one who use LAN in my home, so who cares about security???

Anyway, since new to setup samba, I thought it just matter click Next, Next, ... and so on. Not that easy maa. After setup it in kubuntu, whenever I submit uname/passwd from windows xp, it keep popup the uname/passwd, without error msg. Spend hours RTFM, google , read article, ... then, manage to fix it. When troubleshoot, I reach to the:

C:\> net view \\bigboy
System error 5 has occurred.

Access is denied.

Then, it easier to fix when know cause of the problem. Just enable the 'encrypt password = yes'. I also added the samba user by smbpasswd

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