21 July 2006

putty on nokia3230

Access to my home server using PuTTY on my Nokia 3230. I can even edit text using vim.

Buzzword for today = cometd (hint: ajax)

I'm in mode 'Korean movies'. My Little Bride, My Boss My Student, Please Teach Me English, My Tutor Friend


k4ml said...

heard comet before. IIRC, similar to AJAX, it's just an old trick given some name to be 'buzzword compliant' where http connection is not close, causing browser to always waiting the data from server.

and My Tutor Friend & Teach Me English are bad movie. watch these long2 time ago. you should go for something like Attack The Gas Station .. ;)

Jonh Q said...

That's a funny looking picture. LOL. Nokia 3230 is a great phone!