18 April 2006

Firefox problem in FreeBSD 6.0 after portupgrade

After portupgrade FreeBSD 6.0 then you got this error when run firefox:

(Gecko:7209): GLib-GObject-WARNING **: cannot register existing type `GConfClient'

Panic, panic. What to do? Google ... :)

I had try several methods, read /usr/port/UPDATING, `portupgrade -varR -PP`, etc. FreeBSD only like the hard way `portupgrade -vaR`. It means when you portupgrade the first time, firefox don't like one of it upgraded version dependency. Which package? argh... I don't know :/ . So, have to do the hard way, ask FreeBSD upgrade the ports by compile it from source, wait it finish compiling, cross your finger hopefully the blue screen that ask package option don't appear, bla bla ... 2 days fighting with this, then my firefox is alive back, YEY!

tips: GConf involved with GNOME. Give `portupgrade -vPP libgnome-2.10.1` a try before `portupgrade -vaR` is a GOOD idea.

While compiling port, the FreeBSD give me this error:
ad0: timeout waiting to issue command
ad0: error issueing READ_DMA command
g_vfs_done():ad0s1f[READ(offset=29776416768, length=12288)]error = 5
vnode_pager_getpages: I/O read error
vm_fault: pager read error, pid 71516 (rtorrent)
ad0: TIMEOUT - READ_DMA retrying (1 retry left) LBA=61351999
ad0: TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA retrying (1 retry left) LBA=62304671
ad0: TIMEOUT - WRITE_DMA retrying (1 retry left) LBA=62311103

Please don't tell me that you FreeBSD sucker cause my 80G, WD harddisk failed.

OK, stop ranting about FreeBSD.

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k4ml said...

hehehe .. harap2 tak jadi mcm hardisk aku. kong lepas siap make buildworld satu hari.