13 December 2005

Merge arrays in php

The short answer is function array_merge from php manual.

Let say I have 2 arrays to merge:

$a1 = array('key1'=>'val1', '33'=>'dummy_value');
$a2 = array('choose_one'=>'');
$result = array_merge($a1, $a2);

What my expected result is:

array('key1'=>'val1', '33'=>'dummy_value', 'choose_one'=>'');

Right? Emm... my expectation is wrong, the actual result is, when print_r($result):

[key1] => val1
[0] => dummy_value
[choose_one] =>

What's wrong? After re-read the fine manual, the following line interest me:

Don't forget that numeric keys will be renumbered!

What? I put the key as '33' (with quotes), that should be string. Emmmm... no idea. I am suck or php suck?
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